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Restaurant and pub

Once you grow tired of eating your own freshly caught trout, we highly recommend a visit to our restaurant. It is fully licensed, and our chef cooks up delicious, local specialties. We also offer hot and cold drinks, and ice cream.

Opening hours Wednesday-Sunday 13: 00-19: 00. 25 jun-27 aug

For reservations, please contact us:

E-mail: Phone: +46 70 604 6469 or +46 643 310 56

MENU 2022

Corn ”canoe” with shrimps and guacamole 100 SEK

Main courses

Dammån’s luxury shrimp 160 SEK
Homemade flatbread with 110 grams of shrimp,
citrus mayo, salad, and boiled egg.

Dammå burger (vegetarian option available) 190 SEK
150gram Angus beef burger from the Åhn farm, with
truffle mayo, Linus cheese from Skärvången, pickles,
and pickled red onion. Served with fried smashed potatoes.

Broiled shrimps 230 SEK
Served with seasoned vegetables, guacamole,
garlic sauce, and tortilla bread.

Dammån’s pasta Carbonara 180 SEK
Pasta with smoked Angus beef from the Åhn farm.

Arctic char fillet 275 SEK
Potato pure with Västerbotten cheese,
white wine sauce, and vegetables.

Swedish beef fillet 325 SEK
Fried smashed potatoes, green pepper sauce,
and vegetables.
Reindeer fillet 375 SEK
Potato pure with Västerbotten cheese, green pepper sauce,
and vegetables. Serve medium rare.

The hunter’s pizza 170 SEK
Mozzarella, smoked moose meat, pickled chanterelles,
and blue cheese from Skärvången.

The fisher’s pizza 170 SEK
Mozzarella, marinated char, pickled red onion, and citrus crème.

Desserts 100 SEK
Ice cream with cloudberries
Hazelnut cake with strawberry and rhubarb compote

Kids menu 90 SEK
Pizza with tomato, cheese, and ham.
Burger (90 grams), fried smashed potatoes

Non-alcoholic beverages
Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite 30 SEK
Light beer 30 SEK
Mineral water Loka 30 SEK
Coffee or tea 25 SEK

Non-alcoholic wine, 70 SEK Non-alcoholic beer 45 SEK
Cucumis Cucumber water 45 SEK

Beer (50cl) 70 SEK
Höga Kusten
Norrlands guld

Wine Glass/bottle
Red wine 75/295 SEK
Red wine 75/295 SEK
SAV sparkling bottle 425 SEK

Breezer 75 SEK


Video clips

Musical evening with Wallmans performer Bodil Johansson

3-course dinner and musical evening with Evert Ljusberg