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Welcome to Camp Dammån – a paradise for fishers and nature lovers alike!

This area boasts miles of prime fishing waters and is renowned for its native migrating Dammå trout. The waters are excellent for canoeing as well, with stunning wilderness next to the premises. Enjoy your stay in a cabin, camper/RV, or a tent. Our restaurant is fully licensed, and the chef cooks up delicious meals, often made with local ingredients. We also offer hot and cold drinks, and ice cream.

At the camp, there is a wilderness room where you can learn about the wild animals in the area. We also manage a fish ladder, which is located five minutes upstream from the camp. This is the best way to view the trout up close, where they are caught, weighed, measured, gender determined and released. This is open to the public and takes place twice a day in the summertime – 8am and 4pm every day, starting mid-June. A perfect outing which can be combined with lunch or dinner in our restaurant.

We wish you a pleasant stay at Camp Dammån

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